MEB Design Ltd is an architectural practice with offices in London, Oxford and Kent



    A series of projects formed part of a Masterplan developed by MEB Design Architects for Tonbridge School. The Masterplan linked up a wing of development around the existing chapel.

    The Biology building involved a roof top conversion to provide new biology labs, lecture theatre, prep rooms and a greenhouse. Intrusive works were programmed to take place during the 9 weeks summer holiday to avoid impact to the school.

    The chance was taken to create the three day house dining rooms with a fine view from balconies overlooking the 1st XI cricket pitch achieved by removing the old timber structure that was the old Grubber to create the space needed. This is now called the Orchard Centre and houses the school kitchen and tuck shop at ground floor beneath the 3 dining rooms which are capable of becoming a single room so that they may be used for large functions as well as smaller events

    Behind and beside this is the music school, partly the old school refurbished and partly housed in new spaces in the Vere Hodge Centre. This Centre follows on round the boundary and contains the Art, Design and Technology Department which is on three floors with the walls to the studio spaces glazed so that younger boys are able to see what the older ones can do which is an important in educational terms.


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