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Like many Practices across the country, the Chells Surgery in Stevenage had outgrown their previous building and were facing various challenges in delivering modern healthcare due to outdated and unsuitable facilities.

The practice served the locality from a property that was purpose-built in the 1980’s and designed to accommodate, what was at that time, very predictable growth in the patient population. However, over the last decade Stevenage has seen a significant rise in local housing developments and this of course has had a dramatic impact on the Chells Surgery patient list, leading to high demand and various capacity issues. These, combined with a shortage of space for additional staff, was stifling the Practice’s ability to deliver enhanced medical services.

“We are delighted with the finished product which will serve our practice population for many years to come. Our state of the art facilities are of a very high quality, excellent design and specification.” Michelle Myers, Practice Manager

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