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    MEB Design Away Day

    Posted on 13th October 2023

    Last week the MEB Design team put their pencils and sketchpads down for the day for an away day at Adventure Plus outdoor centre in Oxfordshire. A huge thank you to Jon Cox and the team at Adventure Plus for facilitating a successful day.

    Getting Hands Dirty: Laying Hedges

    Our day began with a venture into the world of hedge laying. Armed with gloves, clippers, and the guidance of skilled instructors, we eagerly set to work transforming unruly hedges into beautifully shaped boundaries. It didn’t take long for us to realise that teamwork was the key to success as effective communication, task delegation, and mutual support became essential skills. When we were complete we were delighted to hear from our instructors that they were impressed with our work ethic and surprised at how much we were able to do considering we had never done hedge laying before.

    Aim for the Bullseye: Archery Session

    After an eventful morning of hedge laying, we transitioned to an exhilarating archery session. As we aimed for the bullseye, we discovered the importance of focus, accuracy, and persistence—qualities equally vital in our architectural endeavours. In addition to general archery skills, we even learned how to make ‘Archery Pizza’, followed by some Archery Olympics – with Andy earning a well-deserved gold medal.

    Fireside Bonding: Toasted Marshmallows

    The day concluded with a delightful meal in the cabin, followed by a fireside gathering where we toasted marshmallows and shared stories. The campfire provided the perfect ambiance for relaxation after a successful day. Finally, we settled down in our chosen accommodation, which included timber cabins, tents, and even a camper van.

    MEB Design recognises the significance of building our own community, enabling our collaborative efforts to effectively contribute to our clients’ projects and the realisation of their visions for their own communities.

    For a glimpse of the day’s adventures a collection of photos can be found below.

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